"It's a shining sphere.."


“It is a Shining Sphere” - Energy Portrait Project

May this year, we visited around 15 people in Belgium, most of them working within the field of the art world.

They bear in common a distinct spiritual presence, which is reflected in their work/life that alludes to the existence of a personal mission.

We took each of their portraits.

The depiction is set out in a way that speaks to the whole of our being.

There are two sides to the portraits:

1. The flowing and ever moving electro magnetic field around our body, that can be captured as an aura.

Sander took an ‘aura portrait’ of the person, using a special hand sensor that captured their aura as well as a

classical camera, which shows their physical body.

2. The etheric structure that grids our reality into shape and that fluctuates in accordance to our frequency.

Lore allowed their etheric grid essence to flow through in drawings which mirror back to us the core essence

present in each being.

Presented together, the portraits are a possible vision on what is present beyond our physical senses.

We wish to inspire the visitor to step into the unknown and explore his/her senses.

Sander Buyck

Lore Vanelslande

"Your body has no front, no back, no sides. . . . It is a shining sphere.”

(Excerpt from the book: “The spiritual journey of Alejandro Jodorowsky.)

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